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Long cycling tights

Discover the optimal choice for your comfort with our range of cycling tights at Ekoï  

Discover the optimal choice for your comfort with our range of cycling tights at Ekoï. Whether you're an avid road cyclist or a beginner, cycling tights are essential equipment for optimum performance...

How to choose your cycling tights

When you're out on the road, aerodynamics are essential. Opt for our skin-tight tights in breathable Lycra, promoting moisture wicking and minimizing chafing thanks to their reduced-seam design. Explore our high-end models incorporating advanced technologies such as thigh sheathing effects and reinforced fabrics for optimum protection in the event of a fall.

The choice of chamois: foam or gel?

Give yourself maximum comfort over long distances by choosing a gel chamois or one with gel inserts. This layer of cushioning is crucial in preventing discomfort from friction between your buttocks and the saddle, guaranteeing an enjoyable cycling experience mile after mile.

Tights with or without straps?

At Ekoï, we understand that the choice between tights with or without suspenders is a matter of personal preference. Straps offer optimal support, although some cyclists prefer the freedom of movement of strapless models, perfect for short distances. Explore our diverse collection to find the style that best suits your needs.

Women's cycling tights; tailored to your anatomy

Ladies, make sure you choose cycling tights specifically designed for women. At Ekoï, we take anatomical differences into account, offering chamois tailored for optimum comfort. Strapless models are often preferred, underlining our commitment to your satisfaction.

Navigate through our online selection of cycling tights at Ekoï, where customer reviews and regular promotions will guide you to the perfect choice for your needs. Opt for comfort, performance and style with our top-quality cycling tights.


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