EKOI HEAT Concept EVO Heated cycling Gloves

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New waterproof and breathable EKOI HEAT CONCEPT heated cycling gloves.

With a removable rechargeable battery, these gloves have a run time of between 2 and 5 hours depending upon the chosen heat intensity.

3 temperature settings:
- LED GREEN 30°C (run time of max 5 hours)
- LED BLUE 35°C (run time of max 4 hours)
- LED RED 40°C (run time of max 2 hours)

- 2-year warranty.

For use:
Road or MTB cycling
For wear in temperatures down to -20°C

- Technical palm: 3 reinforced parts with non-slip silicone inserts
- Reinforced between the thumb and index.
- Neoprene cuff with velcro strap stops air racing up the sleeve.

- Rechargeable removable batteries (supplied with charger) Please fully read the user notice before using the gloves.
DO NOT CHARGE the glove batteries WITH ANY OTHER CHARGER than that supplied with the gloves to prevent overheating.

Available in 4 sizes: S /M / L / XL
- 90% polyester
- 10% nylon

- Charger 100/240 V (50-60 Hz)
- Lithium polymer batteries 3.7 V : 3000 Ma
- Heat output at 4.2 Volt = 6 watt.

Safety instructions:
- DO NOT CHARGE the HEAT CONCEPT items' batteries WITH ANY OTHER CHARGER than that originally supplied with the item to prevent overheating.

- DO NOT INTRODUCE any metal objects or other objects in the way of the connectors or sockets as this will undoubtedly damage your HEAT CONCEPT items.
- regularly CHECK your fingers to ensure that they show no signs of redness. (You run the likelihood of burns to your fingers if you excessively use or use an excessively-high temperature selection).
- NEVER OPEN the batteries' protective film! You are in danger of causing an explosion in the event of mishandling of polymer batteries.

First use of the HEAT CONCEPT items
1) you should fully charge the batteries before using the HEAT CONCEPT items for the first time
- Connect the charger to a mains socket (the LED Indicator light turns green) , then connect the 2 batteries to the charger, charging starts automatically and the Indicator light remains on RED until fully charged

2) battery run time is approximately 2 to 5 hours depending upon the temperature selected.

3) Once the battery is fully charged, charging will automatically stop and the LED indicator light turns GREEN.

4) Remove the batteries from the charger.

5) Reconnect the batteries to the gloves or overshoes connections and replace them in the places provided and firmly close the cover.

Maintenance, Storage and Care for your batteries.

To provide optimal battery life, batteris should be fully charged and stored (when not being used) in a dry place at ambien temperature, they should not be stored nor charged in the gloves or overshoes.

In very heavy rain you should not use the HEAT CONCEPT functions, switching them off by pressing the on/off button for 3 seconds to turn off the heating system.

Preferably wash using a damp cloth rather than machine washing.

Need some help on sizing? We’re on hand to advise as required, contact us.
44 7508017213


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  • Sale type : best selling
  • Technology : Warming
  • Temperatures : -20°
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  • Mel G. 02/21/19
    Big improvement

    See my previous review. Ekoi replaced without quibble the gloves which stopped working. The new battery is much smaller and fits easily in its pocket. The cuffs are longer and the battery no longer impinges on the wrist. So all the issues are sorted.

  • John D. 01/26/19
    A litle dissapointed

    the gloves fit brilliant but unfortunately the heat seems concentrated on the back of the hand and not much heat gets to the fingers,its only my fingers that get cold so would like a bit more heat in the finger area but not had chance to use them on the bike yet

  • Allan W. 11/13/18
    Keep your hands warm but uncomfortable

    I totally agree with the other feedback here. I do like the gloves and a great concept, however the design could be improved so much. the batteries are too large and so uncomfortable to ride any distance with, the velcro battery pockets do not seal the batteries in and can come loose, and with thew batteries in, its difficult to put the gloves on. But they do keep your hands toasty warm even without it on.
    All in all, if you are going for rides up to an hour and can put up with discomfort then well worth it, longer rides and they will start to annoy you with the discomfort! A great concept but much more thought needed with the design and placement of the batteries and their size.

  • Mel G. 05/25/18

    The battery position is the weak point. They are uncomfortable on the wrists. They make it difficult getting the gloves on. It is tedious getting them out and in again for charging. Why not add a velcro forearm pouch to hold the batteries - the lead is long enough.

  • Philippa R. 04/27/18

    Medium size is just ok measurements are not a good guide, battery pocket/location needs serious thought, almost impossible to get hand hand in with batteries inserted, disapointed

  • Stephen W. 02/06/18
    Needs some adjustments, but works pretty well

    I have now had five rides with the gloves, with the lowest temperature down to 1C. At all times they kept my hands warm (I have poor circulation and my fingers freeze in normal winter gloves at anything below 5C), usually at the lowest heat setting. Even without the heat on, the gloves did a surprisingly good job at around 7C. However, they do have a design problem. The cuff and pockets that hold the batteries are way too small. It is very hard to get the batteries and wires tucked into the pockets and the Velcro closed. In addition, the cuffs are somewhat too tight and short, making putting on and taking off the gloves more difficult than necessary. Since the battery pockets are too small to get the Velcro closed, the batteries tend to pull out when taking off the gloves. Still, I am learning to live with these problems, and the cost-performance of the gloves is quite good.