EKOI PRO bib tights with shape-memory gel SAT pad

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New patented pad the SAT (shock absorber technology) :

With a specific density, specific to YOUR weight PAD,

- Shape-memory pad that does not crease or lump over time,

- 3 different pad widths as per your weight for made-to-measure comfort adapted to your butt.

Choose your pad as per your weight:

Road bikes are getting stiffer and stiffer, saddles lighter and lighter and with less padding, carbon rims lack give because they are completely performance-orientated, country and mountain roads are often in a poor statet

If you sometimes ride 2 or 3 consecutive days you may occasionally feel sore in the sit bones area on the 2nd or 3rd day, 75 % of sportive riders who train 2 to 3 times per week complain of repeat back or lower back issues or simply stabbing pain in the sit bone area

A made-to-measure, as per your weight, absorber is an obvious solution:

SAT shape-memory inserts are designed as per the rider's weight to absorb road buzz and micro-trauma in the sit bones and perineum area in the short and long term with the pad Density altering over time. Our SAT shape-memory pads retain their stretchability and properties over time.

- PRO SAT BLUE SHAPE-MEMORY PAD DENSITY 85 : pad width 15.5 cm : for cyclists under 70kg

- PRO SAT GREEN SHAPE-MEMORY PAD DENSITY 100: pad width 16.5 cm: for cyclists between 70 and 77 kg

- PRO SAT YELLOW SHAPE-MEMORY PAD DENSITY 120: Pad width 17.5 cm: for cyclists over 78kg

The perfect position on the saddle due to the shape-memory concept that adapts to your backside AND the saddle shape:

The density of the SAT shape-memory pad will, from the very first ride, offer you an incomparable comfort and over the long-term as the SAT pad shapes to your anatomy and spreads the load across all the impact points thereby optimising blood circulation.

Pad suppleness, irrespective of the pad density:

The pad is supple and adapts to the pedal stroke and the saddle shape.

The SAT pad by its exclusive (to EKOI) composition does not crease, harden, nor lose its optimal properties of comfort even in the long-term.

The PRO SAT SHAPE-MEMORY pads have an anti-bacteria finish to the pad surface:

For optimal hygiene even after several hours in the "plate" and even in the harshest conditions.

Optimal wicking:

The micro-perforations and the thermoregulatory vent channels across the whole pad surface allow for excellent air flow and wicking to leave the skin dry throughout your ride.

The most recent version of the EKOI bib tights designed with COMFORT as the main priority.

The SAT pad that is adapted to your weight, the adjustable straps offset any pressure on the shoulders, thermal fibre with carbon thread are the principal features of this new concept of supple and durable bib tights for wear in temperatures down to – 10°C, features that allow you to say "heck" to the weather and to get out there.
The thermal fibre is a little less soft than standard lycra but its properties of temperature regulation and rapid wicking compensate any loss in softness.

- 3 different pad densities, choose the pad that corresponds to your weight.
- 3 different pad widths.
- SAT shape-memory pad.
- SAT inserts for optimal comfort and absorption of road buzz

For use:
Road or MTB cycling for any distance ride, short or long, these are the perfect bib tights for all cyclists looking for optimal comfort and performance.
For wear in temperatures down to -10°C.

- SAT shape-memory gel pad made in Italy
- THERMO ROUBAIX thermal fibre that maintains the body at a constant temperature, rapid wicking
- Pre-shaped ergonomic cut
- Adjustable elasticated straps
- Ankle zip and silicone bands at the ankle for optimal support

- 250 g breathable THERMO ROUBAIX ® lycra.
- 100% double fleece polyester

- Machine wash at 30°C (DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT iron) ; preferably place in the mesh net supplied with the product.

Need some help on sizing? We’re on hand to advise as required, contact us.
44 7508017213
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S< 60 kg1.75 m
M61-70 kg1.80 m
L71-77 kg1.85 m
XL78-85 kg1.90 m
2XL86-92 kg> 1.95 m
  • Pad : SAT Memory
  • Sale type : new
  • Range : Pro
  • Temperatures : -10°
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