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Glasses case
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 EKOI has developed a premium range primarily for the use of the fantastic athletes we have the distinct honour to equip. These exceptional champions require the very best products, every gain is important and can mean the difference between the win, a podium place or just a finish. It is perfectly normal that we should make these exceptional products available to all our customers.

Designing a PREMIUM product requires the input of a team of specialists from A to Z and is a task that is far more time consuming and difficult than one might, initially, imagine.

All the products in the EKOI PREMIUM range are designed on the criteria of the pro riders we supply, we listen to what they require, then our design team takes on the task, working with the manufacturer to design a stylish and functional product. We thoroughly test the first prototypes, iron out any problems and only when completely satisfied do we give the go ahead to the manufacturer to begin production.

EKOI Premium Products
  • - Product DESIGN is the work of a French or Italian designer, it is then validated and tested by our own in-house team as well as by the same pro riders who initially tasked us.
  • - The product is developed by our designers, who work exclusively for EKOI.
  • - The product is tested at least 3 times in real conditions before approval for sale.
  • - The product is made using the best available materials.
  • - Production is 100% made in EUROPE (for optimal quality control of the materials used and the finish that must be PERFECT).

The aim is not to obtain excellent value for money but, above all, to create the best available product whatever the cost and the time required to take the product to market. Our levels of stock will purposefully remain low and the product life of each individual product is strictly linked to it's continued use by the athletes we supply (the product will remain available for as long as it is being used by our pro riders)

Only SILVER and GOLD VIP Club discounts will be accepted.

All promotional codes can not be applied to PREMIUM products

 Lunettes Tour de France 2019 Julian Alaphilippe PERSO EVO9Lunettes Tour de France 2019 Julian Alaphilippe PERSO EVO9

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette des pros Giro Italia


More stylish, more aggressive, providing the wearer with far more options, better still: “we will not stop until we have pushed back the limits as far as possible”.

The only sunglasses that offer you 4-in-1 options, 4 different styles in a single frame.

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la première paire 4 en 1

The PERSOEVO9 is the fruit of the collaboration between our product development team and several pro riders, notably Fabio Aru, Warren Barguil, Alexander Kristoff, Nacer Bouhanni and the entire Quick Step Floors Team.

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette des pros du Team Quickstep

Lunettes Tour de France 2018 Fernando Gaviria PERSO EVO9Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette des pros Fabio ARU Italia

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette des pros Giro quickstep

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette de Warren Barguil

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette de Philippe Gilbert

Lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette de Alexander KristoffLunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette de David GauduLunettes EKOI Persoevo9 la lunette de Cyril Viennot

Made in Italy and assembled by hand here in our laboratory in Fréjus, these sunglasses offer levels of exclusivity and customisation that make each model a unique masterpiece. Besides the wide range of options and colours, you have the real opportunity to let your imagination go by using our 3D configurator.

Personalise your sunglasses from a choice of :

- 17 frame colours
- 22 upper frame rim options (National flags: France, Italy, Belgium and Spain)
- 18 lower frame rim colours
- 7 lens colours: Cat. 3: mirror, revo red, revo blue; Cat. 1: orange, yellow and Cat. 0-3 Photochromic: grey

Features :

- the very first 4-in-1 sunglasses, signed EKOI
- Perforated arms
- Perforated upper frame rim
- Sunglasses weight: just 41 g
- Adjustable (spread and depth) nose piece

The Zeiss PERSO EVO 9 Lenses are MADE IN ITALY :

These high-performance lenses do not just give a unique and stylish look to your eyewear, they also guarantee the wearer optimal vision in all weather.
They provide comprehensive anti-UVA protection (Present even in overcast weather and which account for 95 % of UVs) and anti-UVB protection (5% of UVs) which are responsible for sun tans and, more unfortunately, sunburn.

Ecran lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 Zeiss

The Zeiss Cat. 3 (choice of Revo red, Revo blue, Revo mirror) lenses

are perfect for intense sunlight as they provide the wearer with excellent colour contrast, improving your vision in bright sunlight.
Every road detail appears sharp enabling you to optimise your training or race conditions.

Ecran lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 Zeiss

The red Zeiss Cat. 2 lens

has been designed for wear in mixed variable light conditions (varying between sun, cloud and rain).
They provide the wearer with excellent colour contrast, improving your vision in average or mixed sunlight conditions.
Your vision is sharper, clearer.

Ecran lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 Zeiss

The Zeiss Cat. 1 (choice of orange or yellow) lenses

have been designed for wear in overcast weather, rain or fog.
They provide the wearer with excellent colour contrast, enhancing your vision in low light conditions.

Ecran lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 Zeiss

The Cat. 0-3 Photochromic lens

Offers the wearer unrivalled eye comfort as the variable-tint lens rapidly adapts, in just a few seconds, to changing light conditions.
As such, it is perfectly adapted to your vision in all conditions.
All our lenses are designed to protect the wearer and enhance their vision in all circumstances.

The anti-reflection treatment makes your vision even sharper and cuts out glare.
With the Ri-PEL water-repellent treatment water and dust slide off the lens surface making it easier to clean and your vision far clearer.

Ecran lunettes EKOI Persoevo9 Zeiss

- Approved to EU standards

The EU standard 1078 complies with the current laws throughout the European Union member countries.
Should you live outside the European Union we advise you to check the standards that apply in your own country of residence or to contact our product information service who will be pleased to advise you.

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  • Tsubasa S. 05/24/19
    Great product

    The price is very appropriate. Great product and very easy to use. The design is also very cool

  • Phil R. 12/22/18

    Great glasses and lenses. Top class forget Oakley £ for £ these are much much better

  • Shaun W. 12/15/18
    Excellent glasses

    I bought a pair of these sunglasses with a mixture of black and carbon elements and the Cat 3 lens around 4 months ago and I can't rate them highly enough. They are an excellent fit and the field of vision is superb with fantastic clarity. Even though I have the Cat 3 lens, I have used them in all conditions and had no issues with clarity of vision.