The EKOI Brand

20 years ago, the Ekoï brand was born in Roubaix with the objective of being different and international. From its name Ekoï, a bit strange with umlauts on the i as if to already emphasize that it was going to be unlike any other at a time when Italian and American sounding brands ruled the majority of the world cycle market.

From 2001 to 2008, Ekoï was sold through traditional wholesalers and major sports chains. With the helmet and eyewear products, pre-cursor designs and a market entry with excellent value for money.

The Ekoï website was conceived in 2008, somewhat by accident, to present directly to the public the new products that were beginning to be born at a high rate and the pros who wear them.

This is the beginning of a unique international success story, because Ekoï in 2010, decided then to change its business model and sell only through the internet, all over the world, which accelerated its development in a lightning way.

The success was immediate, Ekoï expanded its offer little by little, to propose step by step all the equipment of the cyclist from head to toe. Present in the 4 disciplines of road, triathlon, mountain biking and more recently Gravel, which few brands are able to achieve.

Product development with the pros combined with state of the art manufacturing

To develop its products, the brand relies primarily on feedback from the champions it equips, with product managers and engineers spending a lot of time in contact with pro riders.

Research & development is increasingly important to the brand. With the establishment of a young team of passionate engineers, Ekoï is working on tomorrow's products for the pros and of course, for Ekoï customers around the world.

In its ambassadors, Ekoï can count on the expertise of professionals such as Warren BARGUIL (France), Philippe GILBERT (Belgium), Caleb EWAN (Australia), Guillaume Martin (France), without forgetting in triathlon the double IRON MAN world champion Patrick LANGE (Germany) and Anne Haug (Germany).

EKOI partner of MTB pros'

Ekoi partner of the best Worldwide Triathletes

EKOI partner of the Cycling Legends

Customized by you and for you

Customize your helmets and goggles with your colors and name! Over 1000 possible combinations. Ekoï focuses on differentiation and customer experience by giving its customers the opportunity to customize different pairs of glasses and different models of helmets.

Like the professionals, it is possible to add a flag, a name, a specific color, which will make the product unique!

Innovation combined with unique style are an EKOI constant

In constant search for innovation alongside pro racers, the brand wants to be able to make people benefit as quickly as possible, from technological advances that make them gain in performance but also in comfort. As soon as our products are validated in competition, they are put into production for our customers. Moreover, it is with all its innovations, more than 35 registered patents, this know-how and this inspiration drawn from champions, that Ekoï leaves in 2022, to conquer the Overseas Atlantic and the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ekoï VIP Club

Because for us cycling is above all a philosophy of life. We have created a community around a single passion.

Ekoi gives you the opportunity to go further in the adventure with its VIP Club.

Exclusives, events, pre-orders, personalized gifts, reserved only for our members.

Join a community of passionate cyclists.

Discover the EKOI VIP Club
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"Performance in all areas, the desire to go further, higher by surrounding ourselves with professionals because we have as our main objective to meet the expectations of our customers as well as pursue our efforts and dreams"

JC Rattel - Director & Founder Ekoï.


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