Ce qu'il faut savoir

1 : What you need to know ?

Why sponsor or be sponsored  !


The sponsor earns 15 €

(automatically credited to his account on his friend first purchase)

The friend  earns 15 €

(reduction deducted on his first order)

How many people can I sponsor ?

plus vous parrainez, plus vous gagnez     

It is unlimited. The more you sponsor  the more you earn !

(you can sponsor only friends who have never ordered on EKOI website)

Exemple in 2014

Bruno Valentine sponsored more than 78 friends in 2014 and won 780 € in 2014.

How much time have you got  to spend your earnings and is discount  valid on already discounted  products  ?

Your winnings are valid 90 days website wide on all EKOI products even if discounted.