Hose EKOI MORFO Einheitsgröße

Hose EKOI MORFO Einheitsgröße

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A WORLD first!

At EKOI we are especially proud to be the world's very first brand to propose the world's very first one size bib short!

After much work in researching and developing bibshort pads, EKOI's design team wenbt t work on the bibshort itself and as aresult of their work, EKOI is today able to offer you a completely revolutionary concept that amounts to an astonishing innovation.

This bibshort provides unbeatable comfort and it adapts easily to all body sizes and shapes; whether you are 4'6" or 6'4" tall; irrespective of whether you weigh 7 1/2 stone or 15 this bibshort will automatically and quite naturally adjust to your body with a light compression effect for wear in all températures and in the dry or in the rain.

Its revolutionary fibre is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is lighter, softer and more breathable than lycra. Naturally anti-bacterial (no specific chemical treatment)

- Unrivalled comfort.
- Seamless tubular design.
- An astonishing concept that allows you to lengthen or shorten the bibshort thgh length (normal short or long)
- For wear in ALL TEMPERATURES from 10° to 30°C.
- Integrated pad in polyurethane, both soft and comfortable, perfect for all ride distances.
- Efficiently wicks moisture o leave the skin dry (1.90 x faster wicking than standard lycra)
- Naturally anti-bacterial.

For use: Road Training or racing

- Mixed weave of POLYPROPYLENE and ELASTANE (72% polyamide + 7% Elastane)
This mix is a revolutionary and extremely light (cf to standard Lycra) fibre that is super soft, thermal and breathable. It does not absorb moisture and dries remarkably quickly to leave your skin dry with a pleasant fresh sensation.
- Naturally (no added treatments) anti-bacterial fibre.
- Straps in the same fibre but woven for added moisture transfer (soft, breathable)
- Made in Italy
- ONE SIZE (fits all)

- 72% Polyamide & 7% Elastane

Hand wash only.
DO NOT machine wash, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, and finally DO NOT IRON

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